Do you have a favourite view?

How about having it immortalised in a unique original painting? 

I can paint a completely custom painting specifically for you.  During the process we go through everything to make sure that it is your perfect painting and exactly the right size, shape and format for your space. 

How does a commission work?

First thing we do is meet. I come and we talk about the painting, discuss sizes, location, the scene/subject and practical things like where the painting will ultimately hang and the light sources. 

I then can give you the price, see 'what does it cost' below. 

Upon approval of costs and with your agreement to start I prepare a timetable for you with the main production stages and a payment schedule.

I then start with visits to the site to prepare the initial rough sketches on location along with research photographs for any detailed areas. 

Sketches are developed in the studio and emailed or we meet in person for discussion and approval. 

I may need to make further visits for extra sketches and photos to ensure I am completely familiar with the scene and have all the information I need prior to starting the painting stage.

The stretchers are then made, the canvas is stretched onto them, they are primed and the painting process starts.

Depending on the size of the piece, the painting process can take from a few days to a number of weeks, this is because of the way the paint is applied and layered. I work on it, let it dry a little then work on it some more.   

When the painting is finished and ready for delivery I arrange a convenient time for me to deliver it (unless you are outside my personal delivery range of 60 miles, in which case it will be delivered by courier). 

In addition to the painting you can choose one of the preparatory sketches that will be signed and donated as part of the commission process. This will be delivered at the same time as the painting itself.

Please be aware that once finished it can take between two to five weeks for the painting to dry enough be able to be delivered and another few months for it to dry completely. The time depends on the thickness of the oil paint that is applied but the painting will be fine hanging on a wall during this final drying period.

If you have any questions about the commission process or want to talk to me about a possible commission please just give me a call or drop me an email, I'd be really happy to answer any questions.

What does a painting commission cost?

I charge 25p per square cm for my paintings and there is a £150-£300 surcharge for commissions which covers the extra travel, time on location, location sketches, photos, meetings and other extra work involved. The 25p per square cm includes everything else, hand made stretcher, canvas or fine linen, all primers, oil paints, the actual painting and delivery to a UK address in person or via courier with appropriate packaging.

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