Andy Finlay  Contemporary British Artist

Working predominantly in oil paints on linens and canvases, Andy is a contemporary artist who combines abstract elements with figurative imagery in his signature textured white-on-white paintings. Painted using only Titanium white oil paint it is just the light falling onto the texture of the paint and the resulting highlights and shadows that create the image. This gives his paintings a unique appearance, they reflect their environment and change as the light around them changes, different areas become visible and others fade making them subtly ebb and flow, there is a longevity of interest beyond the usual.

"My aim in all my work is to draw viewers in and for the work to slowly reveal itself. It is my way of slowing down time, to remove them to a place where the world drifts slightly away. My work tends to sneak up on you and slows you down as it transforms and I like that. It’s such a contrast to the instant imagery that’s all around us."


508 Kings Road Gallery, Kings Road, Chelsea         
Exhibition ran from 24th to 31st March 

Parallax Art Fair
Old Town Hall Chelsea
Exhibition ran from 24th to 26th February

Firestation Centre For The Arts, Windsor
Exhibition ran from 12th Jan to 24th February

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